Hotel Bathroom Amenities

HQ Generic Amenities

Classic in high-quality material to enhance the experience of your guest with vibrancy and sophistication.

THE Hotel Essential

A beautifully minimal design that honours our heritage with a sense of minimalist contemporary.

Urban Forest

Take a style statement in your establishment’s bathrooms with a contemporary, inspired by the complexity and sweetness of the urban jungle. This environmentally-friendly solution allows you to use 300ml made from recyclable PET material and is perfect for showcasing a full-size hand wash pump bottle. Extend the experience throughout your hotel, spa, restrooms, fitness areas and restaurants for a sophisticated, cohesive finish.


Essentials collection comprises 3 product lines, Essential StandardEssential Deluxe & Essential Premium to cater to the objective of different hotels. The principle for the design and formulation of this collection is to create a product that is universal and acceptable to the majority of the guest. Competition in the hospitality industry is intense it is important to gain a competitive edge over other hotels of the same category.

A Thought For Nature (ATFN)

For the finest experience of minimizing the use of plastic materials, where we can opt for recycled materials and becoming more sustainable every day.

Liquid Shield

Our Objective is to safeguard health of individual through effective, quality and affordable products with proper personal hygiene practices.


Crowning glory with our selection of Royal Shower Gels and Conditioning Shampoo. Complex, with an impressive aura.