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Our Commitments To Our Planet

Sustainable and environmental friendly


Materials are carefully selected with the aim of environmental preservation.

No Paraben

These harmful chemicals aren't a part of our product formula.

Animal Cruelty Free

No animal testing are employed in manufacturing process of our products.


We used biodegradable materials to prevent environmental degradation.

Should environment friendly products be the choice of your hotel, feel free to talk to us.

Our Services

Understanding your hotel goals and recommending the correct product to fulfill your requirements and budget.


Amenities are manufactured with high degree of quality control to attain consistency and adhere to brand standards.


Balancing quality, environmental sustainability and costing.


If you have brand standard, we will adhere to it.
If you don't, branding solutions with our in-house design team and scent formulation to provide the perfect amenities for your hotel.


Marco Polo Supplies currently provide local storage and delivery (within two days) to the following locations: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand (Bangkok).

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