Essentials Collection

Essentials collection comprises of 3 product line, Essential Standard, Essential Deluxe & Essential Premium to cater to the objective of different of hotels. The principle for the design and formulation of this collection is to create a product that is universal and acceptable by majority of the guest. Competition in the hospitality industry is intense it is important to gain a competitive edge over other hotels of the same category.

Essentials Standard - Shower Gel

It is a standard product which can be used by everyone, hence, it is suitable for all kinds of hotel because of its high quality formulation and standard scent. Besides, Essential Standard Shower Gel is also inexpensive and has a competitive pricing in the market. Moreover, Essential Standard Shower Gel has been created with high quality essential oils, a dash of cucumber essence and light perfumed fragrance. Therefore, Essential Standard Shower Gel gently cleanses the skin and gives a pleasantly refreshed feeling.

Essentials Standard - Conditioning Shampoo

It’s a 2 in 1 standard product which not only cleanses hair but it also condition. It’s suitable for all hair types because of the gentle and eco-friendly ingredients used. Apart from being affordable, it is also suitable for all kinds of hotels. Essentials Standard Conditioning Shampoo consists of high-quality essential oils, cucumber essence and light perfumed fragrance. These ingredients aid in preserving our scalps natural PH level. It also gently washes away impurities and build-ups.

Essentials Deluxe - Shower Gel

This decadent shower gel is specially designed for high-end hoteliers to bring their guests to the height luxury with its enticingly scented gel infused with Aloe Vera juice and aromatic essential oils. It perfectly revitalizes and cleanses the skin while leaving behind an instant pleasure and lasting freshness. Comes in bio-economical, pleasant, soft-coloured packaging to give a soothing satisfaction to the overall experience of luxury-loving hotel guests.

Essentials Deluxe - Conditioning Shampoo

A top-tier shampoo that boasts 2-in-1 features to clean and condition the hair in one go, simplifying guests’ bathroom routine while indulging them in the sweet-smelling scents of essential oils infused with Aloe Vera extracts. Comes in cruelty-free and paraben-free tubes of soft hues to add a classy touch to the overall outlook of high-end hotels.

Essentials Premium - Shower Gel

A cruelty-free and paraben-free luxurious high-end gel for a squeaky clean shower which is expertly designed and formulated to provide quick nourishment and lasting freshness on your skin after cleansing thanks to the perfect infusion of Cucumber Essence and enticing scents of fragrant essential oils. Comes in a bio-economical, sporty, fresh-looking packaging, adding a fresh touch of modernity to luxury hotel bathrooms and alike.

Essentials Premium - Conditioning Shampoo

This cruelty-free, paraben-free lavish conditioning shampoo is perfect for travel needs as it simplifies hair care routine while providing nourishment with it’s 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner features which helps to gently but thoroughly clean and condition the hair while maintaining the scalp’s natural pH Level Infused with high-quality essential oils, cucumber essence and light perfumed fragrance, this opulent product is perfect for the indulgent guests of luxury hotels.