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Marco Polo Supplies is a direct manufacturer of hotel bathroom amenities and packaging materials. We have been a hotel amenities manufacturer since 2011.

We are supplier to the factories in Malaysia, Thailand and France for packaging materials and a rapid growth of hospitality corporations has utilize our service.

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Our Story

Marco Polo Supplies Sdn Bhd has begun trading on 2009 in South East Asia and now has become one of the major players in the market.

Throughout the years, we have developed tremendous experience in helping our clients with their guest’s amenities. From design to selecting the correct logos and the correct materials to be set in the correct places of their bathroom, is certainly our strong point now.

2009 - 2011

Sale of amenities through trading in South East Asia. Occupies 80% production of a major contract factory. Invested in contract factory and become a shareholder.

2012 - 2014

Became a major shareholder of contract factory and supply to trading company. Purchase of new machines & refine processes. Set up R & D and design team.

2015 - 2018

Supply Packaging materials as well as finished products to factories in South East Asia. Direct hotel supplies in South East Asia, Maldives, Taiwan etc. Aggressive expansion in South East Asia.

Our Mission

To be standard of hospitality guest amenities and constantly exceed guest expectations through innovative development of guest amenities for all categories of hospitality corporations.

Our Vision

To be the first choice direct manufacturer supplier in hospitality guest amenities.


There are 500 skilled workers in our factory and we strive to bring innovation from time to time to our clients. Our domestic marketing networks are wide coverage, at the same time, we will also develop our global market. With our factory:

  • Requirements of hotel are highly customizable.
  • OEM quantity are much lower than industry.
  • High Quality products with constant upgrading of equipment and procedures.
  • Able to control production line and expedite production lines when required.
  • Quatations are based on real cost (Raw Materials, Production cost, Logistics Costing).


Our Collections

Botanicals Collection

Hair and body wash that is vibrant like walking into a sanctuary with an abundance of flower and plants.

Flora Heritage Collection

Amenities that was inspired by beautiful flowers in the garden, produce lasting unique fragrance.

Essentials Collection

Three product lines of shower gel and conditioning shampoo that is universal and acceptable by the majority of the hotels.

Urban Forest Collection

Shower gel and conditioning shampoo that inspired by the complexity and sweetness of the urban jungle.

Ask Us Anything

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