MARCO POLO SUPPLIES has been a hotel amenities manufacturer since 2011

Who We Are

Marco Polo Supplies is a direct manufacturer of hotel bathroom amenities and packaging materials.

We are supplier to the following

  • Factories in Malaysia, Thailand and France for packaging materials
  • 4 Trading companies in China specializing in China, African and European markets
  • 13 Amenities suppliers in South East Asia
  • Over 200 hotels directly

What We Do

As a manufacturer, we understand our roles and focus on the following

  • Product development
  • Packaging solutions
  • Conceptualization and Design to match the theme of each hotel
  • Scent Selection and Formulation
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Product Quality
  • Environment sustainability

Our scents are formulated with the intense knowledge of aromatherapy and modern botany.

As we are supplying multiple regions in the world, thus, we have the advantage of studying the global market, spot trends and make recommendations to hotels.

Our Expertise

Hotel bathroom amenities are used by guest and expectations varies across individuals. Thus, it is an important factor determining your guest’s overall experience of the hotel.

Being a direct manufacturer, we understand the needs and wants of hoteliers like no other people does.

At Marco Polo Supplies, we do not want a quick sale and merely take orders on the specifications the hotel wants. With our experience, we give recommendations to balance your brand standards and corporate objectives against cost and other requirements.

Our History









2016 – 2017



Sale of amenities through trading in Southeast Asia.

Occupies 80% production of a major contract factory.

Invested in contract factory and became a shareholder.

Became a major shareholder of contract factory and supply to trading companies.

Purchase of new machines & refine processes.

Set up of R & D and Design team.

Supply packaging materials as well as finished products to factories in South East Asia.

Direct hotel supplies in South East Asia, Maldives, Taiwan etc.

Aggressive expansion in South East Asia.


With our own factory,

  • Requirements of hotels are highly customizable
  • OEM quantity are much lower than industry
  • High quality products with constant upgrading of equipment and procedures
  • Able to control production line and expedite production lines when required
  • Quotations are based on real cost (Raw Materials, Production Cost, Logistics Costing

ISO 9001 certified

Own Factory

500+ skilled workers

Our Mission

To be the standard of hospitality guest amenities and constantly exceed guest expectations through innovative developments of guest amenities for all categories of hospitality corporations.

Our Vision

To be the first choice direct manufacturer supplier in hospitality guest amenities.